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Resources for vendors to departments of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, including resources for executing state contracts including electronic signatures, applicable forms, and policies for vendors.

Vendors may contact the Office of the Comptroller Solution Desk with process questions at [email protected] or 617-973-2468.

If you are a vendor with a question specific to your contract or form information, please contact the department with whom you are doing business.


Electronic Form Submission

The Office of the Comptroller now accepts electronic submissions of the Standard Contract Form and the Contractor Authorized Signatory Listing (CASL) through Adobe Acrobat Sign and DocuSign, and Forms W-9 and Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Authorization Forms through DocuSign.

Vendors are encouraged to work with the department they are doing business with to complete all necessary forms related to contract execution.

Please note: CTR will continue to accept scanned copies of the Standard Contract Form and CASL.

Job Aids

Job Aid: DocuSign for Standard Contract Form
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Job Aid: Adobe Acrobat Sign for Standard Contract Form
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Job Aid: DocuSign for Form W-9
VIEW on PowerDMS
Job Aid: DocuSign for EFT
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Job Aid: DocuSign for Form W-9 and EFT
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DocuSign Frequently Asked Questions

I just got an email notification from DocuSign. What does it mean?

Email subject: DocuSign: Copy of EFT Form for XXXXX or DocuSign: Copy of W-9 Form for XXXXX
This is a copy of the envelope that has been sent and is received by the Department Sender. No action is required with this notification. However, if the department needs to perform an action on the envelope while waiting to receive back from the Vendor, the department can use this to access the envelope. Example includes obtaining the Envelope ID to assist in tracking the envelopes.

Email subject: Please DocuSign: Complete W-9 Form from XXXXX or Please DocuSign: Completed EFT Form from XXXXX
This is the email that is sent to the Department Reviewer once the Vendor has completed the form.

Email subject: Completed DocuSign Commonwealth_W9_Form_2020.docx or Completed DocuSign Commonwealth of Massachusetts EFT Form.docx
This is the notification that all parties (Sender, Vendor, Reviewer) receive once the envelope is completed by the Reviewer and sent to CTR Vendor Team. No action is required with this notification. From this notification, all parties can access the envelope and download to save electronically.

Email subject: Expiration Pending: Please DocuSign: Complete W-9 Form from XXXXX or Expiration Pending: Please DocuSign: Completed EFT Form from XXXXX
This is a reminder email and will have the date of when the envelope will expire within the body of the email.

Email subject: Voided DocuSign Commonwealth_W9_Form_2020.docx or Voided DocuSign Commonwealth of Massachusetts EFT Form.docx
This envelope has been voided and cannot be used. It could have been voided due to expiration of the envelope or by one of the signers (Department of Vendor). The body of the email will have the voided reason in it

Are electronic signatures (e-signatures) legally valid?

E-signatures have layers of security and authentication built into them and are accompanied by a proof of transaction that can be used to demonstrate the validity of a signature in court. For more information please read this DocuSign article.

Can I use a mobile device to sign documents?

Yes. You can use e-signatures on a mobile web browser for easy use with smartphones and tablets. From the email notification, click on Review Document. You will then be able to fill in the information on the form then sign the document as you normally would in DocuSign.

What forms of e-signature are acceptable?

The Office of the Comptroller has elected to accept two types of electronic signature via DocuSign. A signer can either draw their signature using a mouse or finger if working from a touch screen device or can upload a picture of their wet signature. The typed text of a signature is not an acceptable form of electronic signature.

My signature is showing up in an unacceptable form (typed text). How do I fix it?

If your signature is displaying in the typed text format, you will need to log into your Account Preferences to change it. Please follow these instructions.

Why am I not receiving DocuSign email notifications?

If you have a DocuSign account, you may not receive an email depending on your account settings. If your settings are configured so that you don’t receive notifications, log into DocuSign to complete the review of the document. Review the instructions on how to change these settings.

Alternatively, DocuSign email notifications may be blocked by your IT settings. Review this article for more information and work with your IT department.

How do I attach a file?

If the DocuSign form you are filling out requires an attachment, select the paper clip icon and follow the prompts. Review the job aids for more detailed instructions.

What happens if I decline to sign?

When someone declines to sign the form, the envelope will go into declined status. The person declining to sign should put the reason they are declining into the comments box. NOTE: Please do not share any personal identifying information (PII) or other sensitive information in this box. All parties are notified via email that the envelope was declined as well as the reason included in the comments box. If the form still needs to be completed and signed, a new envelope will need to be sent.

What are the system requirements to use DocuSign?

All that is needed is a valid email address and access to a web browser. DocuSign supports the latest stable release of the below browsers. View additional information on system requirements.

  • Chrome*
  • Firefox*
  • Safari
  • Windows Edge

*Chrome and Firefox are the recommended browsers.

When I select 'Review Document', I am asked to enter a password for my DocuSign account. Why?

If DocuSign is asking you for a password this means that you have a DocuSign account set up with the email address that was used. To view the document, you must log into your DocuSign account. If you don’t remember your password, please read this article on how to reset it.

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Form 1099

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COMMBUYS is the official procurement record system for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Executive Departments. COMMBUYS offers free internet-based access to all public procurement information posted here in order to promote transparency, increase competition, and achieve best value for Massachusetts taxpayers.


Forms for Vendors

Change in Contractor Identity Form


Standard Contract Form


Standard Contract Form Instructions and Contractor Certifications


Commonwealth Terms and Conditions


Commonwealth Terms and Conditions For Human and Social Services


FAQ: Updates to Standard Contract Form and Terms and Conditions


Commonwealth Terms and Conditions for Information Technology Contracts


FAQ: Commonwealth Terms and Conditions for Information Technology Contracts


Contractor Authorized Signatory Listing Form for Sole Proprietors


Contractor Authorized Signatory Listing Form for Contractors


Employment Status Form


Prompt Pay Discount Form


Settlement and Release Form


Subsidy Agreement


Form W-9



Historical Terms and Conditions

Commonwealth Terms and Conditions


Commonwealth Terms and Conditions for Human and Social Services



Electronic Funds Transfer

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) enables your business to receive direct deposit of payments from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to your company bank account. EFT is safe, fast, and effective. 

EFT is the preferred method of payment for all payees doing business with the Commonwealth. 

To enroll in EFT, please contact the department you do business with. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Electronic Funds Transfer

An EFT appeared in my bank account today; why can’t I view it in VendorWeb?

EFT payments should appear in VendorWeb within 24-48 hours. 

Can I download remittance information from VendorWeb?

You can download remittance information as a spreadsheet from Payment History, and download it to your device. This will enable you to sort by field. 

How do I enroll in EFT?

How long does it take to begin receiving payments through EFT?

Once you authorize a department to submit payments through EFT, it should take approximately one month to verify your bank account and begin processing payments. Once established, you will remain on direct deposit until you cancel this authorization. 

Who do I contact to make a change to my EFT information?

What do I do if my company changes banks?

If the Commonwealth is not notified before the banking change occurs, your EFT will reject, and a paper check will be issued instead. Contact the department you do business with to make a change to your EFT information.

Where do I find my account’s 9-digit bank transit number? 

This number is usually located in the lower-left corner of your checks, and usually precedes your bank account number. If you are unsure of the number, contact your bank. 

How do I send my EFT Authorization Form?

You can send this electronically or via mail to department you do business with.

Policies for Vendors

Amendments, Suspensions, or Terminations
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Bill Paying Policy
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Commodities and Services
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Contractor Authorized Signatory Listing
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Individual Contractors: Contract Employees vs. Independent Contractors
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Prompt Payment Discounts
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VIEW ON bet356英国在线
State Finance Law and General Requirements
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State Grants, Federal Sub-Grants, and Subsidies
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Vendor/Customer File and Forms W-9
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